Jasprit Bumrah vs Mitchell Starc Statistical Comparison in T20Is

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Jasprit Bumrah vs Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc and Jasprit Bumrah are two of the most successful white bowlers in modern day cricket. One will represent Australia and one will represent India in the upcoming T20 World Cup. In this article we will draw a head to head between these two in T20Is.

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Mitchell Starc vs Jasprit Bumrah Head-to-Head

  • Matches – both Bumrah and Starc played almost same number of matches in T20Is. Starc played 60 matches while Bumrah played 62 T20 matches.
  • Runs conceded – out of both Bumrah and Starc, Bumrah conceded less runs than Starc. Burman conceded 1455 runs in his T20 career while Starc conceded 1727 runs in his T20 career.
  • Wickets – both Bumrah and Starc have same number of wickets in T20Is. They both took 74 wickets in there T20 career.
  • Best bowling figures in an innings – Jasprit Bumrah took 3 wickets and gave only 11 runs in one the T20 matches which is best bowling figure by him in an T20 innings. Starc took 4 wickets and gave 20 runs in one of the matches.
  • Average – out of Bumrah and Starc, Bumrah has more impressive average than Mitchell Starc. Bumrah’s T20 bowling average is 19.66 and Starc’s T20 bowling average is 23.33.
  • Economy – Jasprit Bumrah is a master of every format, his economy in T20Is is 6.55 whereas Mitchell Starc’s economy in T20Is is 7.67.
  • Strike rate – Bumrah’s T20 bowling strike rate is 17.9 while Mitchell Starc’s bowling strike rate is 18.2.
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