Married Sourav Ganguly fell in love with this beautiful actress

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Sourav Ganguly

Sports Desk – Sourav Ganguly, former captain and BCCI president of the Indian team, was born on 8 July 1972 in Kolkata. Ganguly is called by names like Prince of Kolkata and Dada. Today we are going to take that secret curtain of Dada’s life which the world was unaware of. You all know that cricket and Bollywood have a centuries-old association. Sourav Ganguly could not escape this relationship and his name was added to Bollywood actress Nagma.

Let me tell you, at the beginning of 2000, news of the relationship between Ganguly and Bollywood actress Nagma was started. While Ganguly was married. However, the two never spoke openly about their relationship. But in an interview, he was surprised to tell about his relationship and breakup with Ganguly.

Nagma told in an interview that even though both of us have never confessed to each other in front of the media, everyone knew this. We both liked each other. But both of them broke up in a very short time.

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On the breakup, Nagma said, ‘When Ganguly’s career was progressing in the year 2000, the fans were unable to bear the defeat of Team India and the poor performance of the captain. This also affected their relationship. In that situation, Ganguly left it right for me to focus on my career and according to me, Ganguly’s decision was right, but I was surprised to see such a reaction of the fans at that time. Let us tell, he further said, ‘We were separated by mutual consent.’ Ganguly is very happy in his married life today, the same Nagma is still single.

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