Most catches in T20 World Cup history

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Most catches in T20 World Cup history

Fielding standards should always be high in any format of the game. In T20 cricket where batsman always looks to score big, a fielder should always ready to grab the catch. In this article we will tell you top 5 players who took most catches in the history of T20 World Cups.

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#5 Rohit Sharma

Indian captain Rohit Sharma is at No.5 on our list. Rohit Sharma is an excellent in circle fielder. He is also a great slip fielder. In 39 matches he took 16 catches with maximum of 3 catches in a match.

#4 Glenn Maxwell

Australian spin all rounder, Glenn Maxwell is fourth player on our list. Maxwell is an excellent fielder and a very dangerous T20 batsmen. Glenn Maxwell played 24 matches of T20 World Cups in his career in which he took 16 catches.

#3 Martin Guptill

New Zealand opening batsmen, Martin Guptill is third on our list. He is also a very great fielder and someone who got very safe hands when it comes to catching. Guptill played 28 T20 World Cup matches in his career in which he took 19 catches.

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#2 David Warner

Australian left-handed opening batsmen, David Warner is a legend of the game. He is one of the quickest fielders on the cricket field. He is very agile and his mobility is very impressive. In 34 T20 World Cup matches, Warner took 21 catches.

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#1 AB De Villiers

Former South African captain and one of the best batsmen to ever play the game of cricket, AB De Villiers is at No.1 spot on our list. De Villiers was an excellent fielder of his time. There is something about proteas that takes there fielding to a next level. In 30 T20 World Cup matches he took 23 catches.

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