MS Dhoni could not control his anger on these occasions

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MS Dhoni could not control his anger on these occasions

Sports Desk – Former Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born on 7 July 1981 in Ranchi. Dhoni is known for his play as well as his calm nature. But there were many occasions on the field when even ‘Captain Cool’ could not control his anger. So let’s know when Captain Cool got angry-

Raina and Dhoni
Dhoni’s closest friend is Suresh Raina. In the YouTube show ‘Breakfast with Champion’, Raina said, Dhoni is angry but he won’t show him, his anger is not even in the grip of the camera, when the break comes on TV, he shouts angrily ‘Sudhar Ja Tu

At the same time, Dhoni also replied to this thing of Raina. Dhoni, who visited Jammu and Kashmir some time ago, told the media, “There are many occasions on the field when we laugh, I don’t joke on the ground much, but I have a lot of fun inside the dressing room.” I adapt according to the situation and behave accordingly. ”

Dhoni fought umpire
Team India was on a tour of Australia in 2011-12. One-day matches were being played between Team India and Australia in Brisbane. Suresh Raina came to bowl in the 29th over of the match. On one of his balls, Dhoni stumps Michael Hussey and appeals to the umpire.

The third umpire dismissed Hussey for a while. Hussey started returning to the pavilion but only then the umpire called Hussey back to play.

The umpire said that Hussey was not out and the third umpire accidentally wrote out on the screen board. After this strange, poor Dhoni was seen arguing with the umpires for a long time.

Dhoni gets angry at Yuvraj in World Cup 2011 final
Dhoni’s winning six in the final match of the World Cup 2011 is still remembered by every cricket lover. In this match, Dhoni played brilliant innings of 91 not out.

There was an opportunity during the match when Team India needed 22 runs off 22 balls to win. Sri Lankan bowler Nuwan Kulasekara had the ball in his hands and Dhoni wanted to complete every single run fast. At that time he was accompanied by Yuvraj Singh at the other end.

Dhoni hit a straight shot off a ball from Kulasekara and ran for a quick run, he wanted to take a second run but Yuvraj refused him. On not taking a second run, Dhoni appeared screaming very loudly at Yuvraj.

Dhoni pushed Bangladeshi bowler down
In 2015, Team India was on a tour of Bangladesh. In one match, Dhoni pushed the ball towards the mid-off and ran for a quick run. While taking the run, Mustafizur fell in the middle of Dhoni, when Dhoni pushed him aside with his elbow, causing Mustafizur to fall to the ground.

Mustafizur took a total of five wickets in this match and India lost the match by 79 runs. After the match, Dhoni was fined 75% of his match fee and Mustafizur for 50% of his match fee.

Dhoni got angry at Umpire in IPL
During the match in the 2019 IPL, Dhoni went on the field to talk to the umpire. In fact, during the Chennai batting against Rajasthan, there was an opportunity in the 19th over when the umpire changed his decision after giving no-ball off Stokes. Despite this, Dhoni came out on the field in spite of being dismissed and went to talk to the umpire. However, the umpire did not change his decision but Dhoni returned angrily.

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