MS Dhoni Vs Rohit Sharma: Who is better IPL captain?

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MS Dhoni vs Rohit Sharma

MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma are two of the most successful captains in the history of the Indian Premier League. They both won the IPL trophy 5 times as captain. in the 2024 edition, Rohit will no longer play as a captain but MS Dhoni will lead Chennai Super Kings. In this article, we will draw a statistical comparison between MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma in search of the IPL’s most successful captain.

  • Teams – MS Dhoni captained two IPL teams in his career, Chennai Super Kings, and Rising Pune Supergiants. Whereas Rohit Sharma captained only one IPL team i.e. Mumbai Indians.
  • Span as captain – MS Dhoni was captain from 2008 and he will lead CSK in the upcoming season. Rohit Sharma became captain of the MI in 2013 and 2023 was his last season as captain of the franchise.
  • Matches – Dhoni played 226 matches as captain whereas Rohit Sharma played 158 matches as captain in IPL.
  • Trophies – in terms of trophies both have an equal number of trophies. Dhoni won 5 IPL titles as captain. Rohit also won 5 IPL titles as a captain but he has 6 IPL trophies as a player.
  • Wins – out of 226 matches captain Dhoni won 133 and out of 158 matches as captain Rohit won 87 matches.
  • Lost – Dhoni lost 91 matches as captain in IPL whereas Rohit lost 67 matches as captain in the league.
  • Win percentage – Dhoni has a better win percentage than Rohit. Dhoni’s win percentage is 58.84% and Rohit’s win percentage is 55.06%.
  • Lost percentage – Dhoni also holds a very good record in lost percentage. His lost percentage in IPL is 40.26% whereas Rohit’s lost percentage is 42.4%.

It is very difficult to choose one of them as the greatest IPL captain but according to the numbers MS Dhoni is the winner but when it comes to impact Rohit Sharma has created a great impact in a very short period as a captain of Mumbai Indians.

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