This player has the record for the highest ball played in cricket

Rahul Dravid holds the record for highest ball playing in Test cricket

Sports Desk – Records in cricket are made and broken. But there is a record that still remains history in cricket. Yes, the record for most balls play in Test cricket. This record is hold by the name of former Team India captain Rahul Dravid. Dravid is also called the wall of Test cricket. Once Dravid settles at the crease, then he is not out. Good bowlers used to kneel before him.

Rahul Dravid faced 31,258 balls in 286 innings of 164 Tests. This is a record that no batsman could break. Dravid scored 36 centuries and 13288 runs in his Test career. Not only this, but Rahul Dravid also holds the record for most catches (210) in Tests. This is the highest number of catches by any non-wicketkeeper.

At the same time, Dravid scored 10889 runs and 12 centuries in 344 ODIs. There are 196 catches in ODIs, besides wicketkeeping players in many ODIs. Dravid was the player of Team India, he used to do everything. He also bowled when he got a chance to bowl. Even today, Rahul Dravid is counted among the great players of the world. Dravid has also been the coach of the under-19 Indian team.

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