Sarfaraz Ahmed Vs Mohammad Rizwan: Stats Comparison In Tests

Sarfaraz Ahmed Vs Mohammad Rizwan
Sarfaraz Ahmed Vs Mohammad Rizwan
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Pakistan will play against Sri Lanka in Lanka in a test series. The two subcontinent nations will start their WTC 2023-2025 cycle with each other. It is a big question in front of Pakistan management of whom will they choose as their wicketkeeper batsmen. In this article, we will draw a stats comparison between Sarfaraz Ahmed and Mohammad Rizwan in tests.

Sarfaraz Ahmed Vs Mohammad Rizwan

  • Matches – being a senior player, Sarfaraz played 51 matches and on the other hand Mohammad Rizwan played 27 in test cricket for Pakistan so far.
  • Runs – in terms of runs Sarfaraz is ahead of Rizwan. Sarfaraz has nearly scored 3000 runs in test cricket so far whereas Mohammad Rizwan made 1373 so far.
  • Average – average is a more promising and more legit stat to compare when matches are not equal but both Sarfaraz and Rizwan’s averages are almost equal. In fact, Sarfaraz averages 38.85 while Rizwan averages 38.13 in tests.
  • Highest score – Sarfaraz has the highest score of 118 in test cricket while Rizwan has the highest score of 115* in test cricket.
  • Centuries – Sarfaraz has more test centuries than Rizwan. Former Pakistani captain, Sarfaraz has 4 test hundreds in his career while Rizwan has only 2 so far.
  • Half centuries – there is a huge gap between half centuries of these two players, Sarfaraz has 21 half-centuries in his career whereas Rizwan has made only 7 so far.
  • Strike rate – strike rate is not important in test cricket but for wicketkeepers, it becomes important as they are mostly allowed to play fast. Sarfaraz’s strike rate is 70.28 and Rizwan’s strike rate is 51.42.
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