Similarities between the 1992 and 2022 world cup

Similarities between the 1992 and 2022 world cup
Similarities between the 1992 and 2022 world cup
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We have reached to the finals of the T20 world cup 2022 and it’s Pakistan Vs England in Melbourne. England defeated India in one of the most embarrassing defeats, England chased down 168 in 16 overs with 10 wickets in hand. Fans made some popular theories before the knockouts. Indian fans were focused on the 2011 world cup theory while Pakistan fans find similarities resembling with 1992 world cup which was won by Pakistan. Let us see what are those similarities.

  1. The First similarity between both the world cups was Pakistan’s loss to India in 1992. It was Imran Khan who led Pakistan and Mohammad Azhar who led India. In 2022 after 30 years India defeated Pakistan in the opening game of the T20 world cup.
  2. The Second similarity which was founded by fans is Pakistan’s defeat in the first two matches of the tournament. In 2022 also Pakistan lost the first game to India and the second was an upset where Zimbabwe beat Pakistan.
  3. The Third similarity is that Pakistan qualified on the last day of the group stage matches in 1992 and in 2022 also Pakistan qualified for the semi-finals on the last day of the group stages. They were in the semi-finals because of the Netherlands’ win over South Africa.
  4. Pakistan played with New Zealand in the 1992 semi-finals and they beat them. In 2022 also Pakistan played with New Zealand and they won the match one-sided.
  5. Final of the 1992 world cup was in Melbourne Australia and in 2022 also final of the 2022 T20 world cup is at Melbourne Cricket ground.
  6. After England’s win over India, it is now the final between England and Pakistan in the 2022 T20 world cup. Pakistan played with England in the finals of the 1992 world cup and most importantly they won the cup in 1992. So Pakistani fans are really in hope to celebrate as they are strongly believing in these similarities.
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