Stat leaders of Team India in all the formats

By khushi
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Sachin tendulkar

In this article, we will see who are stat leaders of team India in every format of the game in both the department’s batting and bowling.

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Batting – In the test it is none other than the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar who has scored the highest international test runs for team India. Sachin has scored 15921 runs in the test which makes him the leader of this stat.

Bowling – In tests person who holds the record for highest test wickets for India is none other than a spin wizard, Anil Kumble who has 619 wickets in tests.


Batting – In One Day Internationals, we again have Sachin Tendulkar as the leading run scorer for the Indian team. Sachin has scored 18426 runs in ODIs for India which makes him the leader of this stat.

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Bowling – In bowling again we have Anil Kumble who has the highest number of wickets for India in ODIs. He has 334 ODI wickets which makes us wonder what legacy these both players carried that even after their retirement they are on top of every stat.


Batting – T20 is a completely new format and previous stats winner Sachin Tendulkar has played very less T20 cricket in his career and that is why we have Indian captain Rohit Sharma as the winner of this stat because he has scored 3443 runs in T20Is so far which is not only highest among Indian players but globally also.

rohit sharma becomes first Indian to hit 400 international sixes
rohit sharma

Bowling – No matter what format we are talking about it will be always a spinner on the top for India in every format. Yuzvendra Chahal holds the top position in this stat because of his 79 wickets in T20Is which is the highest among Indian players.

By khushi
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