Surya Kumar Yadav Vs Sanju Samson: Head-To-Head Stats In ODIs

Surya Kumar Yadav Vs Sanju Samson
Surya Kumar Yadav Vs Sanju Samson
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Worlds No.1 ranked T20I batsman and Rajasthan Royals captain, Sanju Samson are two of the most talented players India has in their camp. Both are trying to fix their spot in the ODI team and both are contenders for the middle-order position. They both play an important role in India’s bench strength and that’s why it becomes important to look at their stats. So, in this article, we will see a head-to-head stats comparison between Surya Kumar Yadav and Sanju Samson in ODIs.

Surya Kumar Yadav Vs Sanju Samson

  • Innings – Surya Kumar has been given more chances than Sanju Samson in ODIs as he has played in 18 innings while Sanju has played in only 10 innings.
  • Runs – Surya has scored more runs than Sanju in ODI. They both play in the middle order and Surya has scored 433 runs while Sanju has scored 330.
  • Average – Average is a very important stat for a batsman and generally middle order batsmen carry a good average in ODIs but SKY is behind Sanju as Sanju has an incredible average of 66 while SKY has only 28.87.
  • Strike Rate – The strike rate is almost equal for both the players as SKY has a strike rate of 102.8 in ODIs which does not suit with his T20 format game. Sanju has a strike rate of 104.8.
  • Half Centuries – Both SKY and Sanju Samson have scored 2 half-centuries each in One Day Internationals.
  • Best score – Surya has the best score of 64 in ODIs while Sanju Samson has the best score of 86 in ODIs.
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