The Top Three Cricket-Themed Online Casino Games Apps


The online gambling and betting industries in Pakistan, Asia are undoubtedly expanding fast. Ever since the advancement of smartphones allowed people to place their bets and play their favorite casino games online, the online gambling and betting industries have surpassed the land-based ones. After all, our modern world is becoming more and more digital, and it’s only normal for our population to switch to the digital world when shopping, to play games, placing bets, and more.   

Since cricket is a very popular sport in Asia, most people are very interested in Pakistan cricket betting. In line with the popularity of cricket in Asia and globally, developers of gaming apps have worked on creating cricket-themed games where you can also gamble. Cricket-themed online casino games are a perfect fit for fans of cricket who want to have some fun and excitement while spinning cricket-themed reels and slots. 

List of the top three cricket-themed casino games 

Enthusiastic fans of cricket who find the thrill of risk from gambling appealing can read through our list below, and choose their favorite cricket-themed casino game:  

1. Cricket Star  

Cricket Star, created by Microgaming, is a fun, exciting, and greatly popular online slots game worldwide. The game features 243 pay lines and a 5×3 grid layout. As the name suggests, this game features a cricket theme. It was first released in 2015, shortly before the Cricket World Cup, and has now become one of the most popular cricket-themed casino games on the planet. 

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The game is available on the most reputable online casino websites. The RTP (Return to Player) is set at 97% in Cricket Star, which all players find greatly appealing. Reels in the game incorporate cricket symbols, and enthusiastic cricket fans can expect a cricket-personalized gambling experience if they choose to try out this exciting game.  

2. Cricket Heroes 

Developed by Endorphine, Cricket Heroes offers an authentic and personalized cricket-themed gambling experience to all cricket and gambling fans. Playing Cricket Heroes will offer you a true splendor and zest of aristocracy, as cricket is essentially a game played solely by aristocrats. The game’s graphics are refined, giving you the chance to go back through history to feel the true essence of this elite sport.

Cricket Heroes is a 5-reel, 3-row slots game with 21 different pay lines. The Scatter symbol represents the cricket Prize Cup, while the other symbols, such as the Wild symbol, resemble a cricket ball. Getting more than three bonus symbols in Cricket Heroes will unlock a set of free games where you can get prizes multiplied by three. In short, Cricket Heroes is an authentic sports-themed casino game that guarantees a great set of fun and excitement to all players.  

3. Cricket-themed slots 

First popular only in the UK, cricket soon became popular globally. Therefore, it is no surprise that numerous game developers have incorporated cricket as the central theme of particular games. If you’re a true fan of cricket, you know how complex the game rules are. However, playing cricket-themed slots is pretty straightforward and can be played, understood, and mastered by all players after some time. 

The game incorporates cricket equipment, cricket stars, cricket symbols, and cricket players, which are incorporated in the design of slots. The most exciting part about Cricket-themed slots is that all bonuses come from an authentic cricket match. Therefore, choosing to play Cricket-themed slots will guarantee the most personalized cricket-themed gambling experience to all who choose to play it. If you’re a cricket and a gambling enthusiast, cricket-themed slots are an awesome game worth trying out.