This cricketer scored a century in 3 overs, Know name

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Sir Don Bradman

Sports Desk – Friends, more than one great player was born in the cricket world. Who surprised the world with his batting and bowling. Today we are going to tell about a player from whom all the players in the cricket world were afraid. That player is none other than Sir Don Bradman.

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Sun Donald George Bradman, called the ‘Don’ of the cricket world, was born on 27 August 1908 in Australia. Bradman started his cricket career in the year 1928. In 1948, he had played his last innings and retired from cricket. During this time, he made many records, which is still a record. The good players are missing the sweat to break them. We are going to tell you about one such record.

90 years ago, Don Bradman set a record that no one has broken to date. Yes, he surprised the world by scoring a century in just three overs. This match was played in the year 1931 between Blackheath XI and Lithgow.

Explain, at that time there was an over of 8 balls. Bradman and Oscar Bell came out to bat for Blackheath XI. At that time, the bowler was afraid to bowl even if the bowman was dismissed. Bradman had scored 256 runs in this match, which included 14 sixes and 29 fours. In this match, he completed 100 runs in 3 overs, which is still a record.

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