Top 10 highest earned players in the history of IPL

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Top 10 highest earned players in the history of IPL

We all know IPL is a cash-rich league and players get a lot of money from the franchises based on their performances but teams and franchises also want players who can stay with them for a longer period due to which they gave to raise their contract annually and that’s how a player earns in IPL. This process goes on continuously and the demand of players goes on increasing. In this article, we will see the top 10 highest earned players in the history of IPL.

#10 Sunil Narine

West Indies bowling all-rounder Sunil Narine is a very successful spinner in IPL. He is also one of the very few players who are playing from very early in IPL. Narine earned 70.2 crore rupees in IPL so far.

#9 Robin Uthappa

Robin Uthappa is another Indian batsman who has played in IPL from its very first season. Uthappa’s most successful run was with Kolkata Knight Riders. He earned 72.2 crore rupees in IPL so far.

#8 Shane Watson

Australian all-rounder Shane Watson was also a very famous cricketer in IPL. He also played for many franchises in his career through which he earned 73.13 crore rupees in IPL. Watson is retired now.

#7 AB De Villiers

Famously known as Mr 360-degree AB De Villiers is a very famous cricketer in IPL. AB de Villiers played for only one franchise throughout his career of IPL and that is RCB. He earned 82.30 crore rupees in IPL although he is retired now.

#6 Yuvraj Singh

Even after taking retirement two years back Yuvraj Singh still makes at No.6 of this list as he was once sold as the highest bid player to RCB. Yuvraj also played for many different franchises in his IPL career. He earned 84.6 crore rupees in IPL.

#5 Suresh Raina

Mr. IPL Suresh Raina got a lot of recognition through IPL. He got famous for his explosive batting in middle order through IPL. Raina played for CSK for most of the part of his IPL career. Raina earned 88.70 crore rupees through IPL. He will be available in auction for IPL 2022.

#4 Gautam Gambhir

It is also a very impossible kind of thing for Gautam Gambhir to be at No.4 on this list even after a couple of years to his retirement. Gambhir was a successful captain in IPL as it helped KKR to win the trophy twice. He has also played for different franchises in his IPL career. Gambhir earned 94.62 crore rupees in IPL.

#3 Virat Kohli

Modern-day legend Virat Kohli is probably the most followed cricketer by cricket fans. Kohli is also a very famous and successful batsman in IPL. He in his prime was the highest-paid cricketer in IPL in 2017 when he was earning 17 crore rupees for a single season. Kohli earned 109.20 crore rupees in IPL so far.

#2 Rohit Sharma

 There should be no doubt of Ambani’s team captain to hold the second position on this list. But Rohit did not earn because he was the captain of Ambani’s team but he earned because of his talent of being the most successful IPL captain. Rohit played for two franchises but he is famous as Mumbai Indians captain. The Hitman earned 116.60 crore rupees in IPL so far.

#1 MS Dhoni

Captain cool himself tops the list as any team can spend crores on a player and captain like him. CSK did the same thing and they never get away from Dhoni with them instead they increased his contracts annually. But Dhoni has now finally told CSK to allow Ravindra Jadeja to earn more than him. And that’s why he was the second Retention of CSK for IPL 2022. Dhoni earned 122.80 crore rupees in IPL so far.