Update: Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards In The World

Rajdeep Ghosh

Every cricket team has a cricket board that controls and regulates everything for that team. Cricket boards are very important in cricket as they are responsible for everything, the schedules, tournaments, hosting, etc. Money is very important in cricket and the one who controls money, experience perks in many things. So here are the top 10 richest cricket boards in cricket.

#10 NZC

NZC stands for New Zealand Cricket, it is the official cricket board of New Zealand cricket team with a valuation of $9 million.


On the 9th we have the West Indies Cricket Board that regulates the Caribbean islands. It has a valuation of $15 million.

#8 SLC

SLC stands for Sri Lanka Cricket, it is the official cricket board of the Sri Lankan national cricket team. It has a valuation of $20 million. It ranks 8th on our list.

#7 ZCB

ZCB means Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Zimbabwe’s cricket board ranks above Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and West Indies but their team is not in top rankings. They have a valuation of $38 million.

#6 CSA

CSA stands for Cricket South Africa which controls and regulates the South African cricket team, they also run an SA 20 league which is a private T20 league. It has a valuation of $47 million.

#5 BCB

The Board of Bangladesh is the 5th richest cricket board in the World with a valuation of $51 million. They also run a private T20 league BPL Bangladesh Premier League which is very famous in Bangladesh.

#4 PCB

Another subcontinent team, Pakistan is the fourth-highest cricket board in cricket. Pakistan Cricket Board has a valuation of $55 million. They run a very famous private league, PSL Pakistan Super League. Their biggest support is the love of their audience for cricket.

Pakistan Cricket Team
Pakistan Cricket Team

#3 ECB

ECB stands for England Cricket Board which regulates cricket in England. The makers of the game country England stand at No.3 when it comes to richest boards with a valuation of $59 million. England is a lovely country for cricket lovers. They are huge fans of the game.

England Cricket Team
England Cricket Team

#2 CA

Cricket Australia is the second richest Board in world cricket. Australia is the most successful team in the history of the game. There board’s valuation is $79 million. They run a very famous T20 league, the BBL Big Bash League.

Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia


Indian Cricket Board, BCCI stands for the Board of Control for Cricket in India. BCCI is the richest board in the world with a valuation of $2.25 billion which puts them in a league of their own. There is just marvelous love for the game of cricket in India. There are many cricket enthusiasts in India. The biggest reason why they are at the top is their league, IPL Indian Premier League which is not only competing with other cricket leagues but also competing with other sports too.

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