Top 4 Asian pacers fastest to 150 test wickets

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Top 4 Asian pacers fastest to 150 test wickets

Being a fast bowler is never an easy job and especially for fast bowlers in subcontinent conditions is the hardest thing for a player. Although subcontinent countries gave many legendary fast bowlers to the world. In this article, we will tell you the top 4 Asian pacers’ fastest to 150 test wickets.

#4 Shoaib Akhtar

The man who is considered as fastest bowler to ever play the game, Shoaib Akhtar was a beast in his time. Shoaib played for Pakistan in his career and he also holds the record of the fastest ball ever bowled in cricket. Shoaib Akhtar took 37 matches to reach the first 150 test wickets of his career.

#3 Imran Khan

In Asian conditions out of all the countries, Pakistan has produced very high-quality fast bowlers. At No.3 we have a former World Cup-winning captain and a great all-rounder of his time, Imran Khan of Pakistan who also took 37 matches to reach his first 150 test wickets.

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#2 Jasprit Bumrah

The only bowler on our list who is not from Pakistan is Indian star, Jasprit Bumrah who is on the verge of becoming one of the best. Bumrah took 6 wickets against England in the second test of the series at Vishakhapatnam, he became the fastest Indian pacer to reach 150 test wickets. It took 34 test matches for Bumrah to reach 150 test wickets in his career.

#1 Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis
Waqar Younis

Former right-arm fast bowler of Pakistan, a great fast bowler of his time, Waqar Younis is at No.1 on our list. When Waqar started his career, he was a beast. He took many wickets in his test career. He was the fastest to reach 150 test wickets among Asian pacers. It took 27 test matches for Waqar to reach the first 150 test wickets. 

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