Top 5 active cricketers with most sixes in test

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Top 5 active cricketers with most sixes in test

You will not see many batsmen putting balls in stands in test cricket. Players avoid playing risky shorts in test cricket due to plenty of time and balls. But sometimes it becomes important to play big shorts in test cricket too and for those batsmen who cannot control their natural game will not think twice to depositing a bowl in stands. In this article, we will see the top 5 active cricketers with the most sixes in the test.

#5 David Warner

David Warner who we all know is a great modern-day cricketer and he is very much successful in all three formats of the game. Being an opener, it is never easy to hit massive shorts in test cricket but Warner has 58 sixes in test cricket and he is at 5th on our list.

#4 Rohit Sharma

Indian captain and opener Rohit Sharma was not a first-choice opener in the test but when given chance he accepted with both hands. Rohit loves the leg region and especially short balls are his strength and that is the reason he has 64 sixes in test cricket.

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#3 Angelo Mathews

Sri Lanka’s most experienced batsman in their current test team is Angelo Mathews. Angelo plays in the middle order which makes him face older bowls and spinners mostly and that is the reason why he has such a high percentage of sixes in test cricket too and otherwise too Mathews likes to play fast. He has 69 sixes in test cricket.

#2 Tim Southee

Tim Southee is a full-time fast bowler of New Zealand and it is almost a very surprising thing to watch him at No.2 on this list. Southee almost plays as an all-rounder in test cricket and he comes at No.7 at that position it is expected of him to play with a high strike rate and that’s why he has 75 sixes in test cricket.

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#1 Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes has already shown his class of being one of the greatest all-rounders to ever play in test cricket. Ben Stokes is also one of those cricketers who loves to play fast and with a high strike rate. He can single handily change the game and he has shown many times. He also bats in the lower middle order and middle order for England and which required him to play big shots. Ben Stokes has 83 sixes in test cricket which is the most among active cricketers.

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