Top 5 batsmen with most runs against a bowler in IPL

Top 5 batsmen with most runs against a bowler in IPL
Top 5 batsmen with most runs against a bowler in IPL

We have seen many rivalries on the cricket field and it’s not every time between the countries. Fans enjoy players’ rivalries too. IPL is running for more than a decade and in the world’s most popular cricket league we have seen some batsmen taking on particular bowlers. So, in this article, we will see the top 5 batsmen with the most runs against a bowler in IPL.

#5 Virat Kohli

Before starting this article let me mention that Virat Kohli holds the first three positions of this article which shows how much he likes to target one particular bowler. At No.5 we have Dwyane Bravo against whom Virat has scored 157 runs in IPL.

#4 Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli loves to score runs against top-class bowlers in IPL previously he was the leading wicket-taker in IPL Bravo and now he is the most successful spinner in IPL Amit Mishra against whom Virat has scored 158 runs in his IPL career.

#3 Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is giving no respect to his teammates even. At No.3 we got Ravichandran Ashwin against whom Virat Kohli has scored 160 runs in IPL. Ashwin is also one of the most successful bowlers in the history of IPL he is also among the top spinners IPL ever had.

#2 Suresh Raina

No article is complete without the inclusion of Mr. IPL, Suresh Raina in it. Suresh Raina scored the most runs against Piyush Chawla who is also once again a spinner and a successful bowler in IPL. Chawala was even a teammate of Suresh Raina CSK for a couple of years. Raina has scored 175 impressive runs against Piyush Chawla in his IPL career.

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#1 David Warner

David Warner who is also known as Mr. Consistent got his name from the IPL only. Warner is an opening batsman and he made his name to the top of this list in this IPL only. Warner enjoys scoring tune against none other than the most successful overseas spinner in IPL Sunil Narine of Kolkata Knight Riders. Warner has scored 176 runs against Narine in IPL which is very impressive as chances to face that same bowler, again and again, become very less but Warner has not given rest to Sunil Narine.