Top 5 Highest Totals In Asia Cup

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Pakistan vs Bangladesh

Asia Cup is one of the most competitive international cricket tournaments in cricket. It will start from September 2023 and this time in a 50-overs format. With an ongoing fever for Asia Cup, we have brought you an article related to the top 5 highest totals in Asia Cups.

#5 Sri Lanka against Bangladesh

Fifth-highest total in Asia Cups was registered by Sri Lanka against Bangladesh in 2008 at Karachi. Sri Lanka made 332 runs in 50 overs at the loss of 8 wickets in the first innings of the match.

#4 Pakistan against Hong Kong

Fourth-highest total in the history of Asia cups was made by the Pakistan team against Hong Kong in 2004 in Colombo. Pakistan while batting first made 343 at the loss of 5 wickets in 50 overs.

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#3 Sri Lanka against Bangladesh

It is again the same two teams. Sri Lanka made 357 runs total while batting first against Bangladesh in the 2008 One Day match in Asia Cup. They made the score at the loss of 9 wickets with a run rate of 7.14 at Lahore stadium in Pakistan.

#2 India against Hong Kong

India made the second-highest total in the history of Asia Cups. They made 374 runs in 50 overs at the loss of only 4 wickets while batting first against an associate nation, Hong Kong in Karachi, Pakistan. The year in which India made this gigantic total was in 2008. The run rate in the match was 7.48.

#1 Pakistan against Bangladesh

Out of five, three times Bangladesh was the opposition team to concede. Pakistan made the highest-ever total in Asia Cups. They made 385 runs at a loss of 8 wickets in 50 overs while batting first in a match against Bangladesh in the 2010 Asia Cup in Dambulla. They are run rate in the innings was 7.7.

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