Top 5 Highest Wicket-Takers In The Ashes

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Stuart Broad

Ashes is one of the most historic series in cricket. It is played between two arch-rivals England and Australia. Ashes has a very deep and rich history. Stars are born in this series. In this article, we will see the top 5 highest wicket-takers in the ashes are active players only.

#5 Pat Cummins

First on our list is Australian captain, Pat Cummins who will also lead Australia in the upcoming Ashes series. Cummins has 73 wickets in ashes in his career.

#4 Mitchell Starc

Australian left-arm pacer, Mitchell Starc is at No.4 on our list. Starc is one of the best all-format bowlers on our list. Starc has 74 wickets in his career in the ashes so far. He will be in action against England in the upcoming Ashes series.

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#3 Nathan Lyon

Nathan Lyon is living in the best years of his cricket career. Recently he won a world test championship with Australia which was like a world cup for him. Nathan Lyon is Australia’s best spinner and talking about ashes he has 101 ashes wickets in his career so far.

Nathan Lyon
Nathan Lyon

#2 James Anderson

England’s test star, James Anderson is the second-highest wicket-taker in ashes in current active players. Anderson is aging like a fine wine. James Anderson is a perfect example of what a person can achieve with dedication and hard work. Anderson will play in the upcoming Ashes series with 112 ashes wickets in his career.

James Anderson
James Anderson

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#1 Stuart Broad

Another of England’s legendary fast bowlers, Stuart Broad is the highest wicket-taker in the Ashes series in current active players. Broad has 131 ashes wickets in his career so far. Broad will also play in the upcoming Ashes series and looking at his records against Australia he will be ready to face Australia in the ultimate format.

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