Top 5 players fastest to 150 ODI wickets

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Top 5 players fastest to 150 ODI wickets

150 wickets is a special mark for any player and we will see who are the top 5 fastest bowlers to achieve this mark in ODIs. We will rank these players on the number of matches they played.

#5 Trent Boult

New Zealand’s left-arm fast bowler Trent Boult is at No.5 on our list. Boult took 81 matches to complete his 150 ODI wickets. Boult was once the No.1 ranked ODI bowler and still, he is considered a world-class bowler.

#4 Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan achieved this 150 wickets mark at a very early age. It took only 80 matches for him to complete 150 wickets in One day internationals. Rashid Khan is one of the finest cricketers Afghanistan has ever produced. He is not just a good ODI bowler but he is also a world-class bowler in T20Is.

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#3 Mohammed Shami

Indian right-arm speedster, Mohammad Shami completed his 150 ODI wickets in 80 matches. Shami is one of the best all formats bowlers in world cricket right now. Shami is currently playing all formats for India and performing well in all the formats.

#2 Saqlain Mushtaq

The first spinner on our list is former Pakistan’s legendary spinner Saqlain Mushtaq. Mushtaq was one of the most successful spinners of his time and also, and he was Pakistan’s most successful spinner in test and ODI formats. It took Mushtaq 78 matches to complete his 150 ODI wickets.

#1 Mitchell Starc

Australian left fast bowler Mitchell Starc is a modern-day great of fast howling. He is famous for his fast in-swinging yorkers. The start was a wicket-taker from his debut in international cricket which he continued till today. It took him 77 matches to complete his 150 ODI wickets which makes him the fastest to achieve the mark.

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