Top 5 players with most matches as captain in IPL

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Top 5 players with most matches as captain in IPL

Indian Premier League is starting from 26th March and fans are excited to watch their favourite teams and players in the world’s biggest T20 league. In this article, we bring you one more interesting stat about IPL and captains of teams in IPL. So here are the top 5 players with the most matches as captain in IPL.

#5 Adam Gilchrist

Former Australian legendary wicketkeeper-batsman, Adam Gilchrist was captain of two IPL franchises in his IPL career. He played for Punjab Kings (Kings elven Punjab at that time) and Deccan Chargers in his IPL career. Gilchrist has played 74 matches as captain in IPL.

#4 Rohit Sharma

From Gilchrist’s 74 matches we are directly jumping to Rohit Sharma’s 129 matches as captain in IPL. Rohit is the most successful IPL captain and it was obvious to see his name in this list. He played for many teams in IPL but as captain, he only played for Mumbai Indians with whom he became 5-time champions.

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#3 Gautam Gambhir

Former left-handed opening batsmen of India, Gautam Gambhir is also one of the successful IPL captains. he won two IPL trophies and both are with Kolkata Knight Riders. Gambhir has shown his captaincy qualities in IPL and that is why he has played 129 matches as captain in IPL which is equal to Rohit Sharma. But Rohit will surpass Gambhir as Rohit is still playing.

#2 Virat Kohli

Fans favourite and former captain of IPL most-followed franchise Royal Challenger Bangalore, Virat Kohli has 140 matches as captain of RCB. He has only played for one franchise in his IPL career and that is RCB. Virat has been loyal to RCB from the starting and he finally stepped down as captain of the franchise. This season it will be Faf Du Plessis who will lead RCB.

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#1 MS Dhoni

If you want to experience the bond of a franchise and player then no other place is better than Chennai. Dhoni is CSK’s soul and without him, you cannot imagine the CSK team. Dhoni as a captain is the second most successful captain in the history of IPL. He has 4 IPL trophies with CSK and from the very first season, he is part of CSK. Dhoni has played 204 matches in IPL as a captain of CSK which is the most by any player. He is also the only captain who has crossed the 200 matches mark.

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