Top 5 players with most runs after 21 ODI innings

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Shubman Gill

ODIs are a batsman’s format because every batsman likes to play in this format. It is the perfect format for a batsman to get settled and to build long innings. The initial days of a career are very important and if a player manages to impress in his start, he ensures a long and prosperous career. So, in this article, we will see the top 5 players with most runs after 21 ODI innings.

#5 Babar Azam

When it comes to ODIs you cannot ignore Pakistan captain, Babar Azam who made 1037 runs after 21 ODI innings of his career which puts him at the No.5 spot.

Babar Azam
Babar Azam

#4 Vivian Richards

Former West Indies legend and greatest of all time for many, Vivian Richards is at No.4 on our list. He was a brilliant player of his time; he scored many runs in his career. Vivian Richards made 1059 runs after 21 ODI innings.

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#3 Fakhar Zaman

Pakistan’s top-order batsman, Fakhar Zaman started his career in ODIs. He is a decent player in Pakistan’s team but he is not similar to what he was in his initial days. He made 1089 runs in his first 21 ODI innings which is the third highest in the first 21 ODI innings.

#2 Imam Ul Haq

Imam Ul Haq is another Pakistani opening batsman. He is among the top 5 in ICC rankings of batsmen in ODIs Imam is a very talented player. He made 1090 runs after the first 21 ODI innings of his career.

#1 Shubman Gill

Known as the prince of Indian cricket, Shubman Gill is on the right path of becoming an Indian legend. People see him as a successor of Virat Kohli and to be honest, he is following those steps correctly. Gill made 1254 runs after his first 21 One Day innings which puts him at the No.1 spot on our list.

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