Top 5 stadiums with the most international matches hosted

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Sharjah cricket stadium

Stadiums always play an important part in the player’s performance. Some cities are even famous because of the stadiums. We have many iconic moments in some of the most decorated stadiums in the world. In this article, we will see the top 5 stadiums with the most international matches hosted.

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#5 Lord’s cricket ground

England’s most famous cricket ground also known as the mecca of cricket, Lord’s is one of the most prestigious venues in cricket’s history. Lord’s has hosted 221 international matches so far which is the fifth highest by any ground.

#4 Harare sports club

Zimbabwe’s home ground, Harare sports club is one of the most used cricket grounds in the world. It has hosted Zimbabwe matches and world cups in the past. Harare sports club has hosted 237 international matches so far.

#3 Melbourne cricket ground

Australia’s iconic MCG which is Melbourne Cricket ground is one of the largest cricket stadiums in the world. Before Narendra Modi stadium it was MCG which was the largest in terms of seating. So far MCG has hosted 278 international matches.

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#2 Sydney Cricket ground

After the iconic MCG, we have another Australia ground, SCG which is the Sydney Cricket ground which is also one of the most iconic grounds in cricket’s history. SCG is only 2 matches ahead of MCG as it was hosted 280 international matches so far.

#1 Sharjah cricket stadium

Sharjah cricket stadium was once the home of the Pakistan team. Pakistan has played the most in this stadium and no doubt Sharjah cricket stadium has also witnessed some of the most iconic matches of the greatest rivalry in cricket between India and Pakistan. Sharjah cricket stadium has hosted 281 international matches so far which is the highest for any ground in the world.

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