Top 5 teams with most wins in T20Is at home

Indian team
Indian team
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Home advantage is probably the best advantage a team can have in cricket. But in the modern-day game, T20Is are not bounded at home because it is a shorter format but, in this article, we will see the top 5 teams with the most wins in T20Is at home.

#5 West Indies

West Indies is at No.5 on our list. Two-time T20 world champions West Indies played 74 T20Is at home and won 36 out of them. Their win/loss ratio is of 1.125 in T20Is in their home.

#4 Australia

The 2021 T20 world champions, Australia played 60 matches of the T20 format in their home but they won in only 36. They have a win/loss ratio of 1.800 in T20Is at home.

#3 South Africa

South Africa has one of the strongest homes in all formats of the game. they are very dangerous at home in test cricket and talking about T20Is they have played 70 T20 matches at home and won only 37 out of them with a win/loss ratio of 1.156.

#2 New Zealand

Blackcaps are at No.2 on our list. New Zealand is one of the most successful nations in cricket, they dominated in their home in T20Is. They played 80 matches at home and won 42 of them with a win/loss ratio of 1.448.

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#1 India

India is currently ranked the No.1 team in the world in both ODIs and T20Is. But the way they had played T20Is in the past couple of years shows why they are the strongest in their home. India played 78 matches out of which they won 50 with a win/loss ratio of 1.923.

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