Virat Kohli Vs Joe Root: Batting Records In Tests

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Virat Kohli Vs Joe Root

India and England first test has begun. Modern-day legends, Virat Kohli and Joe Root will both look to deliver good performance in the series. In this article, we will draw a kind of comparison between two greats of test cricket, Virat Kohli and Joe Root.

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Virat Kohli vs Joe Root

  • Matches – Virat Kohli played 113 test matches in his career whereas Joe Root has played 136 test matches so far.
  • Innings – In 113 matches Kohli batted in 191 innings and 136 matches Root batted in 248 innings.
  • Runs – Virat Kohli made 8848 runs in his Test career whereas Joe Root has completed 11445 runs in his Test career so far.
  • Average – Virat Kohli’s average in test cricket is 49.16. Joe Root who still got many years of cricket left in him has an average of 50.20 in test cricket.
  • Highest score – Kohli’s highest score in test career is 254* and Root’s current highest score in test cricket is 254.
  • Hundreds – Virat Kohli has scored 29 centuries in his Test cricket so far and Root has scored 30 Test centuries in his career so far.
  • Half-centuries – there is not much difference in the half-centuries as King Kohli had 30 half-centuries in his test career whereas Root so far has 60 half-centuries in his test career.

You will find that Joe Root is ahead of Virat Kohli in most of the statistics but we should keep one thing in our mind that both are still playing and have many years left in their careers. If all goes well for him, it could be possible that Virat Kohli will surpass Joe Root as the greatest Test batsman in the history of cricket.

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