When Adam Zampa abused his girlfriend on social media

When Adam Zampa abused his girlfriend on social media

Sports Desk- Australian leg-spinner Adam Zampa remains in the limelight due to his superb bowling. But today we are going to tell you about her beautiful girlfriends. Yes, Zampa is dating Hattie Leigh Palmer.

But once Zampa was in a considerable discussion on social media. He had spoken the wrong words to his girlfriend on social media. Because of which he had to face a lot of embarrassment on social media. The duo was in India as Zampa is part of the Rising Pune Supergiant team in the IPL 2017.

like any ecstatic traveler, Palmer posted a photo of her recent trip and thanked India. Only she made an embarrassing error while trying her hand at the local language and writing a caption in Hindi. Whoever taught them Hindi sure had a huge laugh, and so did everyone else on social media, as we can only imagine Palmer didn’t quite mean to say what she did – and that too on a public forum.

In his comment to the photo on Instagram, he used a desi cuss word, and quite excitedly might we add.

Well, can you really blame anyone? Apart from Zampa’s Hindi coach, who has apparently slyly has been teaching him and his girlfriend all the wrong words.

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