When ICC banned this number one cricket team for 21 years, know the name

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when ICC banned south Africa cricket team for 21 years

Sports Desk – This has not happened to any team in the history of cricket, about which we are going to tell. South Africa, the world’s number one cricket team, was banned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for 21 years. Yes, in the 20th century, the international cricket team South Africa suffered a full 21-year ban.

In the year 1888-89, the South Africa cricket team got status in the Test team. But the ICC voted in 1970 to suspend the team from international cricket due to the apartheid policy of the South African government. The apartheid policy of the Government of South Africa made certain rules that put the ICC in a dilemma.

According to South African government rules, his country’s team was allowed to play only against white countries (England, Australia, and New Zealand). Also, the condition was that only white players would play in the opposition team.

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After the ICC banned the South Africa team, the future of many big South African players reached the verge of ending and the cricket career of many players ended in the wait that when the South Africa team will get back into international cricket.  After a long wait of 21 years, South Africa changed and the policy of apartheid was abolished.

The ban remained in place until 1991 and South Africa could then play against India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies for the first time. The team since reinstatement has mostly been strong and has at times held the number one position in international rankings but has lacked success in organized tournaments.