When the girl kissed this Indian cricketer in the ground, know who was he

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abbas ali baig kiss a girl in cricket ground
  1. Sports Desk – Many incidents happen on the cricket ground, which sometimes gets recorded in the pages of history. Today we are going to tell you about an incident that you will be surprised to know about. Yes, once during a match, a girl kissed an Indian cricketer. This cricket history is a story that is never forgotten. Because it has happened for the first time in cricket history.

It is the year of 1960. India and Australia matches were played in Kanpur. As Indian cricketer, Abbas Ali Baig scored a half-century. A girl of about 20 years came to the ground running and kissed Abbas Ali Baig during the match itself. There was complete silence in the stadium all around. Everyone was surprised to see this scene. Commentaries too became silent after seeing this scene.

Regardless of what happened, the audience started clapping. Abbas did not understand what happened. Vijay Merchant, a former cricketer commenting on All India Radio at that time, jokingly said – Where were these girls at that time? When I was scoring a century and a double century.

Let us tell you that on March 19, 1939, Hyderabad-born right-handed batsman Abbas Ali scored 428 runs in 18 innings of 10 Tests with the help of 1 century and 2 half-centuries. During this time his best score was 112. On the other hand, if you talk about first-class cricket, he scored 12367 runs in 235 matches unbeaten 29 times. During this, Abbas Ali scored 64 half-centuries including 21 centuries.

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