When Viv Richards threw Brian Lara’s kit out of the dressing room

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Viv Richards and Brian Lara

Two of the most renowned West Indies players, Vivian Richards and Brian Lara shared a very tragic moment when Lara made his debut for the West indies team. In this article e will tell you about that incident when Vivian Richards threw Lara’s kit out of the dressing room.

In an interview given by Brian Lara he was talking about his debut in the West Indies cricket team. It was 1989 when he first got chance to be a part of the team. He was very young at that time and players like Vivian Richards, Malcolm Marshell, Gordon Greenidge etc. were part of the team. They all were senior members of the team whereas Lara was new to the team.

The Caribbean greatest of all time - Vivian Richards
The Caribbean greatest of all time – Vivian Richards

He went to the oval ground one hour before the training where he was very confused to decide whether he should go to the team bus or to the dressing room. He also talked about an incident where his father asked for more tickets and he managed to get more tickets from Clive Lloyd who was manager at that time.

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Brian Lara
Brian Lara

Brian Lara told about a very interesting incident where, when he was heading towards the dressing room and his kit bag came out flying. He went inside and after enquiring he found out that the place where he kept his kit bag was the seat of great Vivian Richards. It was that kind of an image of Sir Vivian Richards in the West Indies dressing room.

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