Why join Anushka’s name with selectors: Virat on engineer’s tea claim

Why join Anushka's name with selectors: Virat on engineer's tea claim
Why join Anushka's name with selectors: Virat on engineer's tea claim

Sports Desk – Indian captain Virat Kohli has set many big records in the cricket world. He is one of the world’s greatest cricketers and an inspiration to many. But recently, his wife and actress Anushka Sharma has always been targeted for Kohli’s poor form. For a long time, fans and many luminaries have also considered Anushka as the reason for diverting Virat’s attention.

Some time ago, former Indian batsman Farokh Engineer also gave a statement on Anushka Sharma and said that during the Anushka Sharma served tea by one of the selectors during the World Cup 2019.

Kohli was quite surprised by these allegations and said that it was not right to take Anushka’s name in the middle. Kohli told India Today, “She came for a World Cup match against Sri Lanka and the family box and selector box were different. At that time there was no selector in the box, she came with two friends. As I said, he (Anushka) is famous and when people take his name, everyone’s attention goes to it, ‘

“You want to mention something about the selectors do that, but why to join her name with it.”

Anushka Sharma has often been accused of getting preferential treatment in the Indian cricket fraternity but Kohli rubbished all the allegations, saying his wife’s value system would never allow her to do anything wrong.

Anushka had reacted angrily to this, saying that this story was false. She had also spoken about how her name has often been taken without any reason in matters of Indian cricket.