Will Mohsin Khan play in 2024 T20 World Cup?

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Mohsin Khan | Credit: BCCI

Mohsin Khan is a regular fast bowler of Lucknow Super Giants. He is doing great for LSG. With the increase in demand for pacers for the World Cup, Mohsin Khan is the one name that comes to mind. In this article, we will tell you about the possibility of Mohsin Khan playing in 2024 T20 World Cup.

Mohsin Khan has been playing for Lucknow for the past three seasons. LSG played him in the 2022 season where he and Avesh Khan bowled well and took their team to the playoffs. Mohsin Khan was injured in the 2023 season and it was looking like Lucknow was missing him. It was another great find from Lucknow’s scouting team. Mohsin is a left-arm fast bowler but unlike other left-arm bowlers, he is not a swing bowler. He is a length ball bowler who mostly relies on his variations.

Mohsin Khan does not have that pace in his bowling but when it comes to economy and wickets you will always find him in the wickets column. Mohsin recently displayed his pace against KKR where he bowled balls over 140 kph. He is LSG’s leader of the pack and it looks like he will play for them for a long period. Now the question is if he is ready to play for India or not.

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There are high chances of him playing for India in the upcoming World Cup. Other than Jasprit Bumrah India is yet to finalise their other fast bowlers. A group of a minimum of five or four fast bowlers will be required in the team. Mohsin Khan is looking good but his pace will be its biggest barrier. But slow tracks of West Indies can benefit him where he can be effective with his variations.

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