Grab Marvel’s Avengers On This Huge Discount Before It’s Gone

Grab Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is on a 90% discount after getting delisted

Crystal Dynamics said at the start of the year that Marvel’s Avengers would be delisted. Following a “disappointing” release, the live-service spandex-em-up was put on life support, with a final update in March and a subsequent patch in April.

It will no longer be available for purchase on digital stores as of September 30, although it is now on sale for a 90% discount on Steam.

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Despite being delisted, Marvel’s Avengers will still be available in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The servers will remain operational, and you will be able to download it if you already own it; however, it will no longer be available for purchase. Or expect help with.

Is It Worth To Purchase Marvel’s Avengers?

Is it worthwhile to spend $4 on it? So, sort of. Though the multiplayer component of Marvel’s Avengers has always felt like a contractual necessity, a live-service grind for those who enjoy that sort of thing, the singleplayer story has its supporters.

It’s very much a prestige videogame experience, which means a series of setpieces separated by corridors, some of which you jump through, some of which you instafail stealth through, and some of which you just walk through until you reach a crack squeeze and then arrive in another arena filled with goons.

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It’s effectively the same as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but with less snappy scripting and the necessity to remember to open the inventory and hold down Q to instantly equip all the best stuff so you don’t wind up underleveled.

On the plus side, it includes all DLC and most cosmetics, allowing you to outfit the Hulk as a Prohibition-era gangster or an alien gladiator whenever the whim strikes you.

If you want to play Marvel’s Avengers for the story, don’t press the “play” button the first time you open the main menu. This will transport you to a post-campaign infinite mode via a cutscene that will reveal the full plot.

Instead, you should click on the “operations” button to return to the first campaign, Reassemble. Isn’t it nice and intuitive?

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