10 Records In F1 History That Might Never Be Broken

F1 History
F1 History

Here are those 10 records in F1 history that might never be broken

Records are made to be broken, not to mention this fact is applicable to all the sports including non-equipment sport like racing.

This article will tell you about those 10 records in Formula One history that might never be broken. Can you guess who has won the most championships in F1 history?

Records In F1 History

  1. Youngest driver to start a race – Max Verstappen, 17 years and 166 days old
  2. Oldest driver to start a race – Kimi Raikkonen, 55 years and 292 days
  3. Best Win Percentage – Juan Manual Fangio, 46.15%
  4. Youngest driver to win a race – Max Verstappen, 18 years and 228 days
  5. Oldest driver to win a race – Luigi Fagioli, 53 years and 22 days
  6. Win from furthest back on the starting grid – John Watson
  7. A win in every single year contested in a career with multiple years – Lewis Hamilton
  8. Youngest points scorer – Max Verstappen
  9. Most different race winners in consecutive races – Year 2012
  10. F1 Title with the least number of wins – Mike Hawthorn

Max Verstappen has appeared three times in this list. He is considered as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. However, he still needs to win the double the races he has won in his career to reach Lewis’ level.

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Which record did you find the most amazing? According to me, it’s Luigi Fagioli who stunned the world at the age of 53 years. He is a great definition of ‘age doesn’t matter’.

Answer to the question above – Lewis Hamilton (7 titles)