10 Greatest Defensive Midfielders In Premier League History

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10 Greatest Defensive Midfielders In Premier League History

These are the 10 greatest defensive midfielders in Premier League history

The Premier League has some great defensive midfielders in its history. However, some of them were absolute class and some didn’t get the attention they deserved.

This article will tell you about the 10 greatest defensive midfielders in Premier League history. Please note that it’s not a ‘top 10′ list’.

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Greatest Defensive Midfielders

  • Steven Gerrard – Steven Gerrard, born in 1980, spent the majority of his playing career at Liverpool FC, renowned for his leadership and midfield skills. Gerrard also represented England. As a manager, he has been in charge of Scottish club Rangers, leading them to success in the Scottish Premiership.
  • Patrick Vieira – Vieira was a typical defensive midfielder, tall and strong and good in the air. He could make mean tackles and organize the defense pretty comfortably. 
Patrick Vieira
Patrick Vieira
  • Frank Lampard – Born in 1978, Frank Lampard had a distinguished playing career with clubs like Chelsea and England’s national team. Known for his midfield prowess and goal-scoring ability, he later transitioned into coaching, and managing Chelsea FC and other teams.
  • Roy Keane – Keane was a highly energetic, fast and aggressive player. He reveled in taking down attackers but at the same time, he had the quality to carry the ball forward.
Roy Keane
Roy Keane
  • N’Golo Kante – Kante is somewhat technically gifted and can blend his technique with the speed and deliver devastating counter attacks from time to time. 
The N'Golo Kante effect Chelsea wanted
N’Golo Kante
  • Fernandinho – Fernandinho has been one of the pillars of Pep Guardiola’s success. Man City always struggle to keep their defensive shape whenever he is absent. 
  • Gilberto Silva – Gilberto’s great tactical intelligence allowed him to read the opposition’s play with ease. He used to disrupt their attack and distributing the ball to more creative players.
  • Michael Essien – Essien was a machine of a player at his peak. It it was his intelligence and tactical awareness that gave him the edge over other physically strong defensive midfielders of his era.
  • Xabi Alonso – Xabi Alonso was an expert in long-range passing ability, long distance shots, vision, tackling and composure on the ball.
  • Claude Makelele – Makelele’s stamina, work-rate and speed made up for his small stature at a time when most destroyers were considerably stronger or taller than him.