16 Yellow Cards, Four Red Cards, Football World Cup match not known for ’embarrassing record’

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16 Yellow Cards, Four Red Cards, Football World Cup match not known for 'embarrassing record'

In the FIFA World Cup 2006, red cards and yellow cards were recorded in the pre-quarterfinal match between Portugal and Netherlands.

Sports Desk- Football legend Pele once called this game a ‘beautiful game’. There is such a passion for football around the world that it often takes the form of battle in the field. Something similar was seen in the FIFA World Cup 2006, in which the match played between Portugal (Purtgal) and the Netherlands (Netherlands) became one of the most violent matches of this tournament. This match is called ‘Massacre of Nuremberg’. In this match, a total of 16 yellow cards and four red cards were shown, which is the record for the most cards received in a match.

Ronaldo was targeted

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This was the pre-quarterfinal match of the 2006 World Cup. Both teams had landed with the intention of making it to the quarterfinals. In the second minute of the match, Mark Van Bumel of Netherlands (Netherlands) was given the yellow card. After this, Khalid Bulharoz of the Netherlands was given a yellow card due to foul. Portugal’s star Ronaldo was injured by his foul. In an attempt to kick the ball, he kicked strongly on Ronaldo’s thigh. Ronaldo alleged that this was done intentionally to keep him out of the match. In the second minute, Manel of the Netherlands was given a yellow card to wrongly drop Bummel who went out of the ground.

16 yellow card and four red card records

Even after this, the players kept fighting constantly in the match. After the first goal of Portugal in the match, their mid fielder Kostinha was given the yellow card. He was given a Yellow Card to straddle veteran player Philip Coco. In this match, battles and yellow cards were more and football games was less. Seeing the match, it seemed that the players were paying less attention to the ball and injured the salmon. In the second half of the match, as Portugal’s decoy dropped Netherlands defender John Hettinga, the umpire arrived to give him the yellow card, he was giving the card that the players of the two teams clashed on the other side of the ground. The players started pushing each other and the situation became very serious. Even after this, the continuation of the card continued in the match.

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Players from goalkeeper to dugout are also involved in the fight

In the 78th minute of the match, Netherland’s Wesley Snejder pushed and dropped Portugal’s Petit. When Snejder was going out of the ground after getting the Yellow card, while going there, he confronted the coach and players of Portugal sitting in the dugout. Not only the players but the goalkeepers also became part of this fight, which was taking a foul with the defender players. Portugal goalkeeper Ricardo was given a yellow card to foul Rough with Nonu Valeant of the Netherlands. At the end of the match, Netherland goalkeeper Edwin Dan Sar was also given the yellow card.

Portugal won the match 1–0

In the end, Portugal won it 1-0. Portugal then reached the semi-finals after defeating England in the quarter-finals but their journey ended there. After this match, the referee of this match was fiercely narrated by FIFA President Sepp Blatter. He had said that he should be given a yellow card to himself for such a bad umpiring in a match. However, he later apologized.

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