2021 Europa League semi final – Villarreal defeat Arsenal

2021 Europa League semi final - Arsenal vs Villareal
2021 Europa League semi final - Arsenal vs Villareal
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Villarreal defeated Arsenal to book their spot in Europa League final

Arsenal lost to Villareal 2-1 on aggregate in the second leg of UEFA Europa League semi final. The first leg score was 2-1 to Villarreal.

The first leg was so frustrating for Arsenal. Villarreal scored the first goal of the game and made it 2-1 at the end. Arsenal tried to made a comeback but failed to score any more goals.

It was a competing match for Arsenal but they couldn’t make a comeback.

Pepe scored the only goal for Arsenal in the first leg, but he had raised some hopes for Arsenal fans.

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‘I want them to do well,’ Wenger said. ‘It’s an opportunity to get to a final and come back to the Champions League.

‘I believe there is no chance of that in the Premier League but it’s still possible [through the Europa League]. It will be a success if Arsenal win a trophy, that is always a success, but your real qualities are decided by where you stand in the championship.

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‘This is the route left for them and they have to completely for it. It’s very strange [Arsenal facing former manager Emery], it looks like an indoor Arsenal game, especially with no fans!

‘But overall you still have an advantage playing at home, you feel more comfortable at home. I would say Arsenal have enough offensive potential to win the game. ‘You have so many strikers and people who can score goals and be creative. 2-1 is the result at the moment but you should be quite confident to change and reverse it.’

‘It’s a big moment,’ the Spaniard said. ‘Not for me but for the club, for everything that has happened in the last two years, in the last months. ‘I think it will be really important and our biggest step forward if we are able to be in that final and have the opportunity to win that trophy.’

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