Aguero break Wayne Rooney’s record, Pep became emotional after the match

Aguero break Wayne Rooney's record, Pep became emotional after the match

Sergio Aguero broke Wayne Rooney’s record in his last farewell match

On Sunday, Manchester City defeated Everton 5-0 and gave a final finish to their excellent 2020/21 campaign.

Sergio Aguero scored twice in the match and broke Wayne Rooney’s record of scoring most goals for a club in the Premier League history.

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Aguero has now scored 184 PL goals for Man City while Rooney had scored 181 goals for Manchester United.

This was surely his last match for Man City. The players gave a final tribute to the legend during his walk to the ground.

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After the match, Pep Guardiola became so emotional and broke down in tears after he was asked about Aguero.

“He’s a special person for all of us.

“He’s so nice. He helped me a lot, he’s so good. We cannot replace him, we cannot.

“There have been many players at this club, like Joe Hart and David Silva, who have helped us to be this club — what it is.

“We helped his legacy and he showed his quality in 20 minutes.”

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Kyle Walker said that he and his teammates want to give Aguero a perfect send-off by winning the UEFA Champions League.

“Kun is a legend.

“There’s no other way to describe the man, for what he has done for this club and the Premier League. Not many people come into his bracket.

“Hopefully, we can send him off with a Champions League medal around his neck, something I am sure he has dreamt about his whole life.”

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