The untold story of Pep Guardiola

The untold story of Pep Guardiola
The untold story of Pep Guardiola

Here is the short biography of word’s one of the manager and former mid-fielder – Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola (Josep “Pep” Guardiola Sala) is a Spanish football manager and a former mid-fielder born on 18th January, 1971 in Santpedor, Spain. His father’s name is Valentí Guardiola and mother is Dolors Sala. He has a younger brother, Pere Guardiola. He has three children, Maria Guardiola, Marius Guardiola and Valentina Guardiola.


Before joining the youth academy of Barcelona, he was a football addict and played whenever he got a chance. He used to work as a ball-boy in the local matches

When Pep was 13, the youth academy of Barcelona introduced him into their squad. He started his professional football career as a defender.

In 1990, when Pep was 19 years of age, the head coach of the youth team, Johan Cruyff, grew fond of Pep and included him in the first team.


  • The 1991–1992 season was Pep’s first official season with Barcelona.
  • In an article of magazine ‘Guerin Sportivo’, Pep was described as the best footballer below the age of 21.
  • He made his senior national team debut in a World Cup qualifier in October 1992.
  • Pep was made the captain of Barca squad in 1997.
  • FC Barcelona signed a new contract with Pep, which extended his stay in the team until 2001.
  • In April 2001, Pep made a public announcement about his decision to quit Barca.
  • He joined the Serie A team “Brescia” in 2001 and was later transferred to Roma.
  • Pep at one time suffered from allegations of poor form and consumption of banned drugs.
  • In 2006, he announced his retirement from professional football.
  • He went to Mexico to train to be a manager.
  • In June 2007, the coach selected him for the Barcelona B team.
  • Pep was made the coach of the first team in the 2008–2009 season.
  • Under his guidance, Barca went on a 20-match winning streak and maintained the top spot in the La Liga tally.
  • Barca became the first Spanish club in the history of the game to win the treble (UCL, La Liga, Copa del Rey) under Pep’s coaching.
  • In 2009, Pep helped Barca win the FIFA Club World Championships for the first time in the history of the club. 
  • By February 2010, Pep had crossed the 100-match mark as a coach.
  • In 2009, Pep’s Barca won a record 9 titles.
  • Pep’s sensational win–loss ratio of 71:10 earned him the repute of being the best football coach in the world.
  • In 2013, he joined Bayern Munich as their new manager.
  • In December 2013, he led Bayern to a Club World Cup victory.
  • He joined Manchester City as their head coach in 2016-17 season and the rest is history.

Personal Life

Pep met Cristina Serra when Pep was 18 years old and had a long-term relationship with her. In 2014, their wedding was a private ceremony in Catalonia and only close friends and family attended their wedding. The couple has a son and two daughters, Maria, Màrius (son), and Valentina. Pep has been an atheist all his life.