An Interesting Coincidence Between Man Utd And Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo's Favourite Opponents In UCL History
Cristiano Ronaldo

This interesting fact could be a coincidence but it’s true

Manchester United has finally re-signed Cristiano Ronaldo after a breathtaking transfer condition against Manchester City.

An interesting fact has came out on the social media about Ronaldo’s connection to United. Ronaldo was 18 when he first signed the Red Devils in 2003 and he re- signed them again after 18 years.

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This could be a coincidence but one thing is for sure, Ronaldo would give his best for the best football league in the world.

United defeated Wolves 0-1 and gained three more points to reach the third spot on the Premier League points table.

Ronaldo is now the oldest player in the current United squad and his ‘never lose’ mindset will definitely affect his teammates’ confidence.

All thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson who made it possible to bring Ronaldo at the Old Trafford again. He was the one who phone-called his ‘boy’ and convinced him to sign his beloved club.