David Alaba to reunite with Toni Kroos

David Alaba to reunite with Toni Kroos
David Alaba to reunite with Toni Kroos

David Alaba to reunite with his teammate Toni Kroos

Bayern Munich defender David Alaba has reached an agreement with Real Madrid. The free agent will sign at the end of the season.

Alaba’s friendship with Toni Kroos is as great as Marcelo and Cristiano Ronaldo or say, the MSN. Both friends has played together for Bayern Munich before.

In 2020, rumor spread that Alaba will join Madrid soon. Not in 2020 but he will finally be able to play for his dream club.

“David Alaba has enough quality for Real Madrid, but quality is not always enough.

“I think there are many players who have been here who had enough quality but not succeeded. Here you also need to have a physical presence and that your head is in order when things do not work out as planned. You need more than sports quality.

“I have read Alaba’s name in relation to Real Madrid but I have no information about it.

“Whoever starts at Bayern has the quality to also play at Real Madrid. That is clear, but we have to wait to see what happens,” Kroos told in an interview.

Alaba will fill the places left empty by Madrid’s injuries. Sergio Ramos isn’t fit enough to play for the team.

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However, Eder Militao has found to be a good replacement for Ramos these days. The Brazilian has been doing great for Los Blancos since his arrival at the club.

But we know Alaba has more field experience than Militao. The Austria is a better defender than Militio overall. We will see Alaba’s performance this summer.