Fastest Players To Score Three Premier League Hat-tricks

Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland

Here we show you the six fastest players to score three Premier League hattricks

Can you guess how many hattricks did Ferran Torres score in his Premier League career? We have gathered information on some of the best players in the world, that is, their all time performance stats.

This article will tell you about those six players who took the least games to score three Premier League hattricks.

Three PL Hat-tricks

  1. Erling Haaland – 8 games
  2. Michael Owen – 48 games
  3. Van Nistelrooy – 59 games
  4. Ferran Torres – 64 games
  5. Andy Cole – 65 games
  6. Luis Suarez – 71 games

Erling Haaland’s form in the Premier League has stunned the football fans. They had raised questions over whether he would be able to score in the toughest league in the world or not. But he showed them that he is more than just a goalscoring machine.

He is now on level terms with his idol Cristiano Ronaldo who also has three PL hattricks in his record book.

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Haaland has scored his first three Premier League hattricks in unbelievably just eight league matches. If he goes on scoring like this, he will end up with 67 goals in his first PL season.

Michael Owen took 48 games to score his first three PL hattricks. He has eight PL hat-tricks to his name and is also the only pre-adult to ever score a penalty in the Premier League.

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Luis Suarez has six PL hattricks to his name that he scored against Norwich (3 times), Wigan, West Brom, and Cardiff. This means that Norwich conceded 1.8% of their goals against Suarez.