Highest spending clubs in winter transfer window

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Highest spending clubs in winter transfer window

The clubs which spend highest in winter transfer window

Clubs sell their players and sign others to maintain their team strength. But they spend according to their revenue.

A club’s expenditure is one of the most important aspect for its victories. So here we give you the top 10 clubs with highest winter transfer window spending:

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S – Signings/TS – Total Spending

  1. West Ham – 3S/€26.4M
  2. Ajax – 2S/€22.5M
  3. Manchester United – 1S/€21M
  4. RB Leipzig – 1S/€20M
  5. AS Monaco – 1S/€20M
  6. Genoa – 5S/€18M
  7. Juventus – 1S/€18M
  8. Sporting CP – 3S/€16M
  9. Aston Villa – 1S/€15M
  10. Parma – 5S/€14.9M

West Ham has really spent some big amount for 3 signings. They are currently 6th on the Premier League table.

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Talking about the rest, they all have spent according to their financial status. Some of their signings made huge impact on their respective teams and some turned out to be flop.

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