Highest Transfer Spendings Per League Since 2015

Most Valuable XI - Premier League
Premier League

Here we show you the highest transfer spendings per league since 2015

Can you guess which league has the highest transfer spendings in football history? This question can not be any easier. We have gathered some information from Transfermarkt for some of the most expensive leagues in the world and here’s what we have found.

This article will tell you about the leagues with highest transfer spendings since 2015.

Highest Transfer Spendings

  1. 2022 – Premier League – €1.72bn
  2. 2017 – Premier League – €1.61bn
  3. 2019 – Premier League – €1.45bn
  4. 2020 – Premier League – €1.45bn
  5. 2018 – Premier League – €1.40bn
  6. 2016 – Premier League – €1.38bn
  7. 2019 – La Liga – €1.36bn
  8. 2021 – Premier League – €1.34bn
  9. 2019 – Serie A – €1.23bn
  10. 2015 – Premier League – €1.21bn

Premier League is the most valuable, most popular and toughest domestic league in the world. As we all know that most of the biggest Europeans giants are from the PL, not to mention the amount of money they have to spend every year.

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In 2022, the English Premier League spent a total of €1.72 billion which is a record breaking milestone. English clubs did spend a lots of money last year including two of the most expensive deals in league’s history – Jack Grealish and Romelu Lukaku.

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The Premier League has always been one of the most influencing sports league in history. But in 2019, La Liga looked a tough competitor for the English league and its clubs spent a huge of amount of €1.6 billion combined.

Serie A was another competitor in the same year but it finished at third spot in terms of money spent on transfers.