How Cristiano Ronaldo could affect Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo's Favourite Opponents In UCL History
Cristiano Ronaldo's Favourite Opponents In UCL History

How Cristiano Ronaldo could affect the Premier League and Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Manchester United in a sensational move from Juventus. United announced his ‘homecoming’ on 27 January.

The 36-year old has affected the club’s market as United’s sales increased to 8% in just a day. Moreover, United’s post hit more than 1 million likes on Instagram in just an hour.

Premier League is already the best league in the world and Ronaldo’s arrival would surely attract more viewers to it. By this I mean that the revenue generated every year by the league would increase for sure.

Fans and players have reacted to the so called ‘the greatest comeback in football history’. Man Utd legends like Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra, Gary Neville have shown their love towards this transfer.

Ronaldo is now the oldest player in the current United squad and his ‘never lose’ mindset will definitely affect his teammates’ confidence.

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All thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson who made it possible to bring Ronaldo at the Old Trafford again. He was the one who phone-called his ‘boy’ and convinced him to sign his beloved club.