Hundreds of people made ugly comments after football superstar couple posted a photo

Alphonso Davies And Jordyn Huitema
Alphonso Davies And Jordyn Huitema

Hundreds of people made bad/ugly comment son Alphonso-Jordin Instagram post

Footballer Alphonso Davies of Germany’s top football club Bayern Munich is facing sharp racist comments for a picture of himself. In this photo, he is holidaying with his girlfriend Jordyn Huitema, playing for the French football club PSG. Jordyn and Davies have also responded to these sharp comments.

In 2017, Davies and Jordyn were elected Player of the Year for Canada Under 17 Football. In the same year, both of them also started dating. It has been three years of relationship between them. Jordyn and Davies often post pictures together, but one of their photo has been flooded with hate comments in the past.

Jordyn posted a picture some time ago in which she was seen holidaying in Spain with her boyfriend Davies. It has been four months since this picture has been posted, but in the last few days there has been a flood of vulgar and racist comments on this picture. Many people called him a monkey over Davis’ skin and made several lewd racist comments. The same was said about Jordan that she is completely spoiling her beautiful genes.

Davies shared the story, taking screenshots of these comments and speaking in front of more than 3 million of his followers. He wrote, “These are some such comments which are being written under the pictures of my girlfriends and are being sent to her Instagram inbox and also to my inbox. It is so ugly and hopeless.”

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Davis’ girlfriend, Jordyn, also looked very disappointed with this and wrote, “We will never see good and positive in the world, if we just keep paying attention to each other’s skin color. People have to understand that we are all part of mankind.” It is worth noting that Davies supported the Black Lives Matter campaign and along with his football teammates, also tied the band in hand to support this movement. His girlfriend also gave his support to this movement.