Kane could have played for Irish football team

Harry Kane
Harry Kane
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At the starting of his career, Harry Kane could have played for Irish football team

Harry Kane is one of the best striker in the world. His talent took him to the heights of greatness in England. He is the captain of England national football team.

Though he is the leader of England football team but he was not about to play for England previously. Let’s know about this story in short.

He is the guaranteed striker of England’s national squad but his initial failure made him about to play for Irish national team and was the most believed to do that for Ireland.

In 2014, Kane rejected all the offers and told to make his debut for England senior team. Before that, former Ireland boss Martin O’Neil claimed that Kane had shown an interest in accepting a call up to his squad and representing his team.

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So Kane was eligible to play for the Irish team but destiny took him to a different place. In his childhood, Kane had played for Arsenal but was more appreciated in his current club Tottenham Hotspur where he was grown up as a talented striker.

Harry Kane is known as ‘Hurricane’ because of his goal scoring skills. Aside football, he loves to play Golf and do cycling.

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