Lautaro Martinez could sign for Atletico Madrid this summer

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Lautaro Martinez

Inter Milan’s Lautaro Martinez could sign for Atletico Madrid next season

Atletico Madrid is keen to sign a striker and Lautaro Martinez is close to a perfect deal.

Recently Inter Milan won the Serie A title for the first time since 2010. Martinez is an important part of Inter’s improving form.

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Previously, the Argentine striker was linked with a move to Barcelona and PSG this summer. He is also on Real Madrid’s potential singing list.

Atletico Madrid are currently the La Liga leaders and are just two wins away from becoming the champions of Spain.

“I’m going to drop the bomb: a little bird has told me that Lautaro will play for Atlético Madrid,” former Atalanta striker Ventola said on a Twitch stream.

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“They told me that everything is arranged and they are going to pay him a lot of money.”

Reports have claimed that Inter has asked for players to waive two months of their wages as they hope to secure the finances.

The 23 year old could be a good replacement for Luis Suarez at Atletico as the Uruguayan striker is linked with a potential move to MLS this summer.

Moreover, Manchester City might be looking to fill their spot which will be left empty by Sergio Aguero this summer.