Lionel Messi’s market value drops by €5m as the player seems inconsistent this season

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Lionel Messi | Source image: Getty Images

The Major League Soccer season is underway, and Transfermarkt has updated 122 players’ market prices.

The main focus of this intermediate report was on young players or new signings that joined the league this season.

The biggest talent in the league, Lionel Messi, will be the main emphasis this time around despite the fact that Major League Soccer (MLS) has been a major mover in the transfer market this winter and that many new arrivals would often make the news as part of this update.

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When the 2022 World Cup champion moved to Major League Soccer (MLS) last summer, it generated a lot of media attention in North America and elsewhere.

As part of the November update, Transfermarkt chose to maintain Messi at €35 million, citing the player’s strong contribution to Inter Miami CF kit sales and increased awareness of Major League Soccer.

However, the world’s best player is also being affected by father time, and as a result, Transfermarkt has chosen to reduce Messi’s market worth from €35 million to €30 million.

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Due to Messi’s growing struggles with minor injuries, a demotion was unavoidable.

Despite the drop in value, Messi is still the most valuable player in the world among 34 players, valued at a full €15 million more than Robert Lewandowski, who is ranked second (€15 million).

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He is also the most valuable player in Major League Soccer (MLS) ahead of Thiago Almada of Atlanta United (€27 million). Messi is not the only Inter Miami player who has received a worse ranking.

The market prices of Messi’s teammates Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, all 35, have dropped from €3 million to €2.5 million, while the value of defender Sergiy Kryvtsov, 33, has dropped from €2 million to €1.8 million.

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