Mariano Diaz will stay at Real Madrid

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Sports Desk – Mariano Diaz has an underrated season for Real Madrid. After the arrival of Zinedine Zidane, he has future doubts for staying at the club.


Diaz was re-signed and were given some chances to play at the position of Karim Benzema, but he failed to impress his team. Benzema has handled his team by scoring some goals and putted pressure on others. Therefore, Zidane has confirmed to manage with the French striker and is ready to talk for Diaz in this summer transfer.

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But the Dominican striker has some other plans. At a conference with Marca, he told to stay at the club and also promises that he will be a breakthrough next season.

“My idea is to continue in Madrid, in my team. I want to show what I came here to do and I want to win many titles. I fought hard to get Real Madrid. I have worked hard, I have always wanted this as a child and now that I am here I will try to do my best to play in the best team in the world.”

“It has been a difficult season for everyone. And this is always the case. The press is always there in that sense and it is a thing that must be accepted. It has been complicated because we have not achieved the objectives, but now it is time to think about the next one, which is the important one, and to try to win as much as possible,” as said by him.

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