Mesut Ozil’s physique transformation is one of the craziest things you will ever see

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Mesut Ozil transformation

Mesut Ozil has been in the news lately due to his transformation into a fitness enthusiast and his efforts to tone and bulk up.

The former Real Madrid star recently shared a photo to Instagram showing how his rigorous training has transformed his body, and the post has now gone viral.

The caption for the photo claims that Ozil worked hard for a full year to get his current appearance and physical change. Thousands of his fans and well-wishers liked this post within hours of it being shared, astounded at Mesut Ozil’s incredible transformation.

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In the past, Ozil’s somewhat slender body type provided him with the physical quickness required for his field sprints. But after formally retiring from football and leaving Istanbul Basaksehir in Turkey, he committed himself to working out at the gym, which has given him this incredible outcome that the spectators can’t stop staring at.

Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil | Instagram

Is Mesut Ozil coming out of retirement?

Ozil has developed into a consistent fitness fanatic, sharing pictures of his gym sessions and workouts on social media posts and stories. However, his most recent image has stood out above the others because it amply illustrates the football player’s consistent efforts to get in shape after retiring.

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It remains to be seen whether Ozil will make a significant return to the football scene in the upcoming days. Fans praised his efforts to become healthy in the gym and made comparisons between his athletic physique and Cristiano Ronaldo in response to his post.